How to buy e-bike through the Cycle to work scheme?

In ETERRA store, you can easily purchase e-bikes through the Cycle to work scheme.

Below are 5 easy steps on how to do it!

Step 1:

Select the desired e-bike, frame size and add to cart!

Cycle to work scheme step 1

Step 2:

Fill the shipping information and apply discount code if any!

Cycle to work scheme step 2

Step 3:

Review order again in case you changed your mind! Proceed to the payment page, choose payment "Cycle to work" and the "Billing address" menu choose "Use different billing address". Type in your employer details (company name, company address, contact details)!

Cycle to work bicycle step 3

Step 4:

Complete your order, sit and relax!

Step 5:

We will send you all the necessary documents. In the case, if an e-bike or an e-bike & accessories you purchased cost more than 1000 euro we will send the instruction on how to proceed payments!

If any questions feel free to contact us!

  • Apr 26, 2020
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