Bicycle frame geometryTo make cycling comfortable and safe, an e-bike or bicycle must fit the rider in all respects, including wheel and frame sizes. To understand what size of an e-bike or bicycle to choose, it is not necessary to sit on it and listen to your feelings. You can choose a perfectly suitable model remotely. Frames of various sizes are known to have different pipe lengths. The main indicator of size for a long time was the distance from the bottom bracket to the edge of the Seatpost.

While the frame design did not change and looked like a double triangle of unbent pipes, this dimensional parameter was decisive. But over time, the frames began to be produced from bent pipes, and the joint of the upper and Seatposts became variable.

Also, the exit length of the Seatpost above the top is different and can overestimate the size of the frame without changing its geometry. Therefore, starting from the size of the frame in inches or centimeters is not always logical. Many manufacturers have switched to the lettering of the frame size. With this designation, it is enough to know which frame category is suitable for your height. But different brands may have different height limits for each letter. Therefore, the question of how to choose the right size of a bicycle accordingly to the human height remains relevant.

Instructions on how to choose the size of the bicycle frame by height

To determine the appropriate size of the bike, follow these simple steps:

  1. Determine your actual height by standing barefoot near the wall.
  2. Use the dimensional table of a specific manufacturer for the model you are interested in.
  3. If there is no such table - use the approximate table of sizes.

Riders Height

(in cm)

Approximate frame height (in inches) when choosing a city or trekking bike Approximate frame height (in inches) when choosing a mountain bike Bike size
130 - 155 14 13 XS
140 - 165  16 15 S
155 - 180 18 17 M
165 - 180 20 19 L
180 - 195 22 21 XL
190 and Up 24 23 XXL


     4. Before making your final bike choice, consider the following recommendations:

  • If the cyclist’s height is in the borderline values ​​of neighboring sizes, for a quiet ride it is better to give preference to the smaller option, and for high-speed cycling to the larger one;
  • Identical by characteristics, smaller-sized bicycles weigh about 200 g less than the larger “neighbor” and surpass it in maneuverability;
  • When buying a “29er, Twenty-niner, Two-niner – The type of a mountain bicycle assembled on wheels with rims ISO 622 mm or 700S (outer diameter of the rim 622 mm)”, you need to choose models one size smaller than when choosing models with wheels 26-27.5 inches;
  • Frames of solid sizes (starting from L) can have pipes with thicker walls to withstand a solid weight;
  • Overweight riders need to choose models of enhanced strength, but not compensate for its increased frame size;
  • Riding a bicycle that is too big is dangerous due to poor handling and an increased risk of crotch injuries when jumping off a vehicle;

Alternative formula

Alternative formula for bicycle frame size measurmentTo calculate the optimal frame size using an alternative formula, stand against the wall and measure the distance from the crotch to the floor. Multiply the result by 0.57 if you choose a mountain bike, by 0.63 if you choose a tracking model, and by 0.66 if you choose a highway option. You got the size of the frame in centimeters. Divide the result by 2.54 to get the frame size in inches.



What size should the bicycle frame be for a woman?

When choosing a female bike, you can give preference to a mountain model with double suspension, a highway option or a comfortable bike with a low frame, a wide soft saddle, and a large high steering wheel. Women who like high-speed driving and extreme sports will find a sports model with a classic or slightly lower frame. The size of the bike should be perfect for its owner.

An approximate table will help you determine the appropriate size of the bicycle frame.

Woman Height (in cm) What size should be the bike frame for the woman (inches)?
150 - 160 14 - 15
160 - 170 16 - 17
170 - 180 18 - 19
180 - 190 20 - 21
190 and Up 22 - 24


How to choose the size of a bicycle according to the height of the child?

Bicycle frame sizes for children

When choosing a children's bike, it is important to build not so much on age as on the height of the rider. A suitable frame length corresponds to the distance from the fingertips to the elbow of a young cyclist. The height of the steering wheel and saddle should be adjusted so that the child, sitting with a flat back, with emergency braking can reach his feet to the ground.

There is a simple formula on how to choose the size of the bicycle's wheels according to the height of the child: you should divide his height in centimeters by 2.5 and another 2.54 and select the wheels with the closest possible value. Recommendations for suitable wheel diameters for children and teenagers are given in the table below.

Child Height (in cm) The diameter of bicycle wheels (inches)
80 - 100 12
90 - 110 14
100 - 120 16
110 - 130 18
120 - 140 20
130 - 150 24
150 and Up It's time to choose an adult model!


The frame size is selected taking into account the size of the wheel: more wheel-less size.

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