You are a spirited citizen of the world. You think out of the box, you are practical, modern and focused. You demand quality and aren’t afraid to show it. You have an eye for design but expect performance too. You are a leader but not pushy. Your ideas span all generations. generations

You live in and around the city, but have sufficient leisure time to enjoy having fun and seeing beautiful things. You think long-term, and view investment in the future as sensible. You know the value of purchasing quality – even more so after years of use.

You closely follow all kinds of developments and have an open mind as to new forms of transport. Sustainability is part of your life, and you practice what you preach. You are an innovator and dare to take risks.

You are a concerned and strategic thinker.

A global citizen in today’s world, such as you, doesn’t have any old electric scooter. You have a Veeley.

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