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eKiffy Flash - Revolution in Urban Mobility

KIFFY is an entirely new concept in adult urban tricycles handmade in France. Simple to use, fun, easy to ride, and suitable for the urban jungle. Compact and foldable, for easy storage. Fashionable and modern product, in a combination of 150 colors. 

This tricycle will revolutionize urban mobility. Accessorized with a front removal plate, it ensures stability owing to his Swing system, patent registered by Easy Design Technology. It is fully made in France, in Saint-Etienne, capital of cycles. Its aluminum frame and front plate are customizable according to your desires. eKiffy is the Kiffy model equipped with electrical assistance. It becomes an EAV (Electrical Assisted Vehicle). eKiffy is available in two versions: the eKiffy fix which is designed in one part and the eKiffy Flash which is folding and flexible in two distinct parts, turning into a shopping trolley.

An astonishing system…

ekiffy flash swing systemThe KIFFY dotes with a unique and innovative system, the “Swing System” which provides solid stability in all circumstances. This system enables the structure to remain stable at a standstill, even if on a steep slope. It also has great stability when in motion, especially on sharp bends. The KIFFY is flexible to handle and thanks to its system, passenger safety is ensured. The "Swing System" is a good solution for the physically challenged, such as the disabled, or those suffering from problems with balance, also for seniors, since the system inhibits the possibility of the rider falling off.The KIFFY dotes with a unique and innovative system




Technical data:

Motor: Pendix 250W nominal

Assistance modes: Eco-Smart-Sport

Battery: Li-Ion (removable) 300Wh nominal 48V

Charging time: 3 hours

Range: Up to 105km = 65,2 miles

Speed: 25Km/h = 15,5mph

Frame: Aluminum 6060 – T6

Wheels: 20 inches, Black rims

Tires: KENDA

Hubs: S2C Sturmey Archer. Black 2 speed kick shift coaster brake

Crank: 54 T

Sprocket: 3/32’’ 22 T

Brakes: Front hydraulic disc brakes 160mm, Parking brake

Front plate: carry up to 30 kg

Luggage rack: carry up to 25kg

Max load: 120 kg

Seatpost, headset, grips logo KIFFY