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Electric scooter Hikerboy Urban Comfort 350W | 30 km/h | 36V 10 Ah | 25 km | 10" Tires

The Hikerboy Urban Comfort electric scooter is a unique device that is great for everyday use. This electric scooter is equipped with a powerful 10 Ah 36V battery, which is designed to overcome an impressive distance on a single charge.

The Urban Comfort is equipped with powerful 350W motor which allows you to accelerate up to 30 km/h and at the same time, the movement will not be accompanied by any noise and with the complete absence of exhaust harmful chemical compounds, as is the case with internal combustion engines.

Key Features:

  • The electric scooter is able to withstand impressive weight up to 120 kg. This was made possible through the use of lightweight, but at the same time durable materials.

  • Thanks to the fully collapsible design, the device can be stored in the house. It will not take up much space in the storage room and in the trunk of even a small car.

  • 10" Pneumatic tires

Why electric scooter Hikerboy Urban Turbo?

electric scooter urban comfortHigh maneuverability. This model is designed to overcome tilt angles of 10 degrees.

Electric scooter Urban Trubo Double disc brakesAdditional safety is provided by double disc brakes (Front & Rear).

Urban Turbo 10" pneumatic tiresThe pronounced tread on the 10" pneumatic tires provides maximum grip to the road.

Of course, the price of the device refers to not the most budget models. But you get very high quality transport for many years to come. This electric scooter will last a long time and will run smoothly.

Technical Data:

Motor: 350W Brushless

Battery: Li-Ion 36V 10 Ah

Material: Aluminum alloy

Brakes: Front & Rear disc brakes

Charging time: ~ 4 - 6 hours

Max speed: 30 km/h

Max travel distance: ~ 25 km

Max load: 120 kg

Suspensions: Front & Rear damping system

Tires: Front & Rear 10" pneumatic tires

Grade capacity: 10 degrees

Lighting: Front LED light

Display: LCD display with Eco, Normal and Sport modes, USB output

Net weight: 16 kg

Dimensions (L x W x H in mm): 1100 x 580 x 1100

Folding dimensions (L x W x H in mm): 1090 x 224 x 360